#1. The advantage(s) of Solid-State Storage is (are) :

#2. A type of virus which replaces the boot Instructions with some others of it's own :

#3. Animated graphics that are displayed on the screen after a set of time when the computer is unattended

#4. Is a software that is distributed freely via the Internet or CDs for a tryout period before. .making the purchase(هي برمجيات تحتفظ بحق الملكية وتسوق مجانا على الانترنت أو الاقراص الضوئية لفترة معينة لتجريبها وبعد مضي الفترة تدفع ثمنها)

#5. The most important system software, that holds all instructions that make the computer work is :

#6. Physical components like screens, keyboards and printers are called

#7. When you create new file in power point 2016, the default number of slides (عدد الشرائح التلقائية)

#8. In the following website, the top level domain is

#9. which of the following is not considered as a basic component of cloud computing ?

#10. A collection of web pages and related resources that are linked together across the internet :

#11. The ----- is the text that appears at the top margin of each page in the word file.

#12. Are programs that translate the source code to object code :

#13. Which of the following files is an acrobat reader file ?

#14. 1 GB is equal :

#15. to select all files and folders in the window using keyboard

#16. Data that has been processed into Meaningful Data is called:

#17. In MS Word 2016, if you want to repeat a text from one location to another in a document use (تكرار وليس نقل)

#18. The extension for Microsoft word 2016 document is

#19. Which of the following health problems will occur as a result of Screen glare ?(توهج الشاشة يسبب ؟)

#20. Are small briefcase sized and portable computers with small screens and keyboards. They are as powerful as PC :

#21. Program that give you a more comprehensive view of the computer content is called :

#22. In the following Email address : the user name is :

#23. The drive name in the following path is: D:\JU\Students.xlsx

#24. The first web page you see when you launch Internet Explorer is the:

#25. To change settings and customize the functionality of your computer go to:

#26. In Microsoft word 2016 , to right-align a paragraph, click anywhere in the paragraph to be right-aligned and choose Align text right from the

#27. Is a program or a group of programs used to accomplish a variety of tasks which you can use once your computer is ready to use

#28. In the following Email address : , the domain name is :

#29. In Microsoft word, a red line appears under a word if it has a :

#30. Which of the following is a system software ?

#31. To insert a symbol choose Symbol from the

#32. The CPU speed is measured by : (تقاس سرعة CPU 🙂

#33. ISP stands for : (اختصار ل ؟)

#34. BCC in the Email stands for

#35. To remove an installed program from your computer

#36. Which of the following is a disadvantage of teleworking Select one:(سلبيات)

#37. The extension (امتداد) for Microsoft power point 2016document is:

#38. The advantage(s) of CBT is (are) : (حسنات التدريب المعتمد على الحاسوب)

#39. In the following Email, the user name is

#40. Which of the following is advantage for E-mail?(إيجابيات)

#41. Provides a connection point for small electronic parts called chips : (يوفر نقطة اتصال للأجزاء الإلكترونية الصغيرة التي تسمى الرقائق)

#42. The following URL: is for a ------ website .

#43. If you want to get information about ( windows version, processor type, RAM size) you do the following ?

#44. The deleted Emails are usually stored in the :

#45. A device that is similar to the ordinary camera but it uses a flash memory to save image :

#46. File compression is used to :

#47. A device that is connected to the computer to display outputs on a large board:

#48. What is the type of the file test.bmp ?

#49. An example of a handheld computers is :

#50. Commercial website (موقع تجاري)