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Windows 10でデスクトップから消えたアイコンやデータを復元する8つの方法

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Otherday, while I was busy working on my Windows 10 PC, all of sudden pinned applications icons disappeared from the taskbar. The typical issue is, on Windows 10 taskbar you will see blank black squares instead of applications icons. You can still launch the applications by clicking on these blank squares but you can not see what application you are launching as the icons are missing.

Please keep in mind this guide is about missing icons on taskbar and not the missing taskbar which is also another issue faced by many Windows 10 users.

Although, our issue got fixed easily but, that may not be the case for you, hence we have covered all possible fixes that you can try to get back the taskbar icons. Icons Cache file aka IconCache. Often this icon cache file gets corrupted or fails to load and that results in issues like missing icons on taskbar and disappearing start menu icons.

If icon cache clear works all well, you will instantly see the icons back on your Windows 10 taskbar. It will take some time for the process to complete the task. You should see the task progress and your system may become unresponsive for some time. Wait for the process to complete. Just like you can relaunch taskbar, similarly, you can also restart Windows 10 explorer, which potential fixes most of the display related glitches and issues, including Windows10 Taskbar icons.

SFC — System Filer Checker is small utility offered by Microsoft to let users scan their system for corruptions related to Windows system file. Sometimes sfc scan fails to repair corrupted files, if you receive such message, then you have to manually repair a corrupted file by replacing it with the known good copy of that file.

In our one of our article to fix file system error on Windows 10 , we had mentioned about Microsoft App troubleshooter. The same app also helps you to fix missing icons on the taskbar. Let us know in comments if our fixes helped you to get back taskbar missing icons. If you know of any other solution that worked for you or someone else, then do let us know, we will gladly add it to the above list. Thanks for nothing. My PC is stuck on reboot now…I have to use a windows restore image to solve my problem….

I use windows 10 in English and i have office in English and in my country language. One day the black icons come out. I tested the above 5 solutions and nothing, plus another 2 other solutions from Internet. The last solution was to reinstall Windows after cleaning the system disk. Yesterday i tested an ultimate solution, the BoostSpeed 9 Portable.

This amazing tweak program did the job. Apparently, I had a wrong start file in the Office system and later in the OS that cause the problem. Your email address will not be published.

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Windows 10 quick launch icons blank free download

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